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Enrique Castillo

VAT: BE0729.659.041

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Thursdays Group Lessons

  • DROP-IN (one lesson): 15€ || 10€ students/unemployed*

  • 10 LESSONS (valid from September till June): 120€ || 80€  students/unemployed*

  • SCHOOL YEAR (from September till June; between 30 and 35 lessons): 300€ || 200€ students/unemployed*

School Year Price includes one individual lesson.

* on presentation of a justifying document

Which plan is the best for you?

You will come:

  • less than once a month: DROP-IN

  • maximum twice per month: 10 LESSONS

  • at least 21 lessons: SCHOOL YEAR

Individual Lessons

  • One Session: 50€ || 40€ students/unemployed*

  • 10 Sessions to take during the school year: 400€ || 360€ students/unemployed*

* on presentation of a justifying document

Workshops for Musicians

  • One Workshop: 50€//40€ students*

  • 10 Workshops Cycle: 450€//360€ students* - one individual lesson included.


We invite you to come to the first two sessions before you decide to engage for the 10 Workshops. You will pay One Workshop price for each session and if you decide to go for the full package, what you have already paid will be deducted from the total.

After the 3rd session, this option will no longer be available.


* Music students in an Academy preparing to enter a superior Conservatory or full-time students in a Conservatory.